Aired: April 23, 2009 — Topic: Hated Things


How are we today 515er’s? Me? Oh, I’m alright. Just mad at the world, is all. You see, there are many things in this world worth hating. My mother always told me that hate was a very strong and powerful emotion- and very dangerous. And my mother was right- it is. But at the same time, it’s important, just like any other emotion. So don’t feel bad when you hate something, just realize why it is you hate something, and you will be in control of it. Shall we begin?


There is no political bias here, for starters. However, I hate the fact that corporations control damn near everything. They throw products at you every 15 seconds, they tell you all these “great” deals that they are having, etc. They bombard us with messages of how we should feel about this, or why we should fear that. News coverage does the same thing. “The food you are eating may be poisoned! Why not to eat sushi! More at 11.” The fuck is this shit?! Listen cock-mongrel, if I eat sushi, I take a chance of food poisoning every time, because we are dealing with raw fish! But I do it all the same. Sushi fucking rocks, end of story, man. Anyone who is afraid of getting sick when they eat something needs to stick to a boring ass diet of gruel and water. And what’s wrong with a little danger now and then? “Your children may be in danger when they play on the jungle gym! More at 11.” Of course your in danger when your on a jungle gym- that’s 80% of the fun! I can remember as a tyke climbing to the top of the jungle gym at my elementary school during recess, with healthy doses of adrenaline pumping through my veins- and dammit, it was exhilarating! So what if your kid scrapes his knee, or falls off a jungle gym and breaks an arm- sure, it’ll hurt like a mother-fucker, but it’ll toughen them up! I am sick of parents coddling their children! Let them get scrapes and bruises! Let them play in the mud! Builds up the immune systems, gets them outside to that when they get older they are less likely to have allergies. Half of the worlds medical problems could probably be solved if parents would take the leash off their poor kids and let them have some fun.

That’s another thing I can’t stand- overbearing parents…


It’s these parents that buy into all this gobblety-gook that are the cause of school shootings. “The kid went off his medication, couldn’t handle the stress of everyday life, and then shot up half the kids in his class!” Why the fuck was he on medication in the first place? You can’t take magical pills for every little thing. Things like sadness, depression- these are feelings that EVERYONE feels throughout the course of their lives. Especially with the onset of puberty, because of these rampant emotions life becomes a roller-coaster ride of ups, downs, and sideways. It is completely natural for a child to feel sad, or angry, at random times in life. Part of this is hormones fluctuating as the child grows- the rest is trying to deal with this complex world we live in. The world is a pretty scary, fucked up place after all. And the child in question is just starting to understand all this for the first time- a rather traumatic experience. But parents- understandably- don’t want to see their children in pain. This is respectable. But many put their kids on anti-depressants or tranquilizers so that their children “conform” to the pattern that just about every other kid is. Children, like people, are NOT normal. Everyone is different- from varying chemical levels in the brain, growth patterns, defects, etc.- to the way people learn and at what speeds. I myself use to be a complete moron when it came to numbers. However, I am finding myself able to grapple with them more easily than I used to. The answer lies in that a part of my brain that deals with mathematics has finally developed enough that numbers aren’t so confusing anymore. The frustrations I had with math in school now seem trivial. This can be applied to any kind of development- emotional, physical, what have you. So why do parents think it is alright to pump their kids full of meds, during a pivotal point in life, where the body is growing and adapting to the world around it, and that any kind of medication or drugs that they take alter the natural development of their minds and bodies?

I have never understood Ritalin, or any other kind of “calming” drug. Kids are supposed to be hyperactive, bouncy little bastards. If they can’t sit down and remain calm, it isn’t the kids fault 9 times out of 10. Examine the kids life- any soda intake? Anything there like sugar, candy- anything that they consume on a regular basis? How about if they are getting enough love or attention from their parents? It’s often something that the parents have failed at- and then the parents put them on this crap so that the kid will sit down in class and shut the fuck up. Pay attention to your kids, show them love and discipline and responsibility. Don’t pump them full of drugs- because it will lead to more school shootings and suicides.


Now, I know I am vulgar. I KNOW I have a disgusting potty mouth- I am capable of out-swearing most people. However, in person, I am a very nice, polite person, and only use expletives for emphasis- to drive home a point. “That was a damn fine cheeseburger I had.” Or one utilizes swear words to help relieve something- say you stub your toe. That in and of itself, warrants a good ole F-Bomb. However, there are people who use them too much. For instance-

“ I ain’t fuckin’ wit no mu-fucka! Fuckin nigga might have a gun- I go fuckin try to stop the mutha-fucka, he mu-fuckin shoot my fuckin ass! Sheee-it!”

This is almost verbatim what I heard a black homeless man say at the top of his voice, after he witnessed a robbery in broad daylight, and the criminal ran past him, as the victims were yelling for people to stop him. This kind of language I find… inexcusable. There is no need to saturate a sentence with that much garbage. This is rude as I am sure people don’t want to hear that stuff- especially when there are children nearby- which there were. It is just very inconsiderate of the people around you.

There are more rude things- for example; where my mother lives, there is a ghetto very close by there. Now, most of these people keep to themselves, which is respectable. However, some of the younger people are very… obnoxious. Yelling loudly at each other in the middle of night, extremely loud music at all hours of the day ::loud bass notes should not be experienced at 5 AM- it just isn’t healthy:: walking in the street, holding up all sorts of traffic. Now, I know there isn’t a sidewalk for them to walk on. However, when it’s a nice day, and the grass is dry, most normal people walk on the grass, right? There was a group of 6 young men- walking in line abreast ::that means all of them were side by side in a line:: blocking traffic. They walked slowly, and a long line of traffic was building up behind them. Rather than be considerate and move off the road, they just continued to amble on, not caring of the cars behind them. The cars were all honking, people were shouting out the windows for them to get out of the street- and these young men would turn around and make lewd gestures and vulgar comments at them. This spectacle continued, till a police cruiser showed up and turned on his sirens. The 6 young men scattered like cockroaches. I really shouldn’t have to explain how they were rude.

There are more rude things out there, but these three were at the top of my list.

Well, this wraps up my Rant for the time being. Hope you guys enjoyed it!

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